What is Reiki?

I believe that the most powerful part of Reiki Energy Healing is that it activates your own ability to self-heal from mental, emotional, and even physical trauma. Reiki is a form of energetic healing in which Universal Life Force energy is channeled into the client in order to balance and strengthen the energetic body. Rei can be translated as the universal wisdom that permeates our world, also called God, Spirit, the Universe, or any other name given to a higher power. Ki means life energy, which is in all things living and inanimate. We take in Ki through the air we breathe, food we eat, the humans around us, nature, the sun, and sleep.  Reiki is not linked to any one religion and can be beneficial no matter what your spiritual or religious beliefs. It is a healing modality suitable for all humans and animals.

What are the benefits of Reiki?

Reiki can be beneficial in all areas of life and it can be hard to list all of them, but here are some of the main ways that Reiki can improve your life:

  • induces deep relaxation.

  • alleviates stress and anxiety.

  • improves sleep quality.

  • minimizes physical, mental, and emotional pain.

  • helps to release trauma in a safe environment without risk of re-traumatizing.

  • increases clarity of mind and improves concentration.

  • accelerates the natural healing of wounds.

  • gradually clears away chronic problems.

  • detoxifies the body to improve health.

  • dissolves energetic blockages that cause chronic illness.

  • relieves emotional stress and physical tension.

  • increases energy.

  • improves overall quality of life and well-being.

Note: Reiki does not replace the care of a medical professional and should not be used as such.

Reiki with Lena

Lena is a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and a Certified Yoga Instructor, RYT 200. She uses her deep understanding and appreciation for the Subtle Body, 8 Limbs of Yoga, Chakra and Meridian system, and integrative coaching techniques to provide on-going care for Reiki clients. Lena treats Reiki as a healing resource that is continually available to her clients so that they may develop a deep connection of trust, authenticity, and vulnerability by creating a safe relationship of non-judgement and confidentiality.

What to Expect

In-Person Reiki

In-person Reiki will take place at my in-home healing space in Grand Haven, Michigan. You will lay down on the Reiki table, fully clothed except for shoes, and be guided to relax. Calming music, aromatherapy, and crystal healing are all infused into every session to deepen your release and healing experience. I will gently lay hands on you directly or gently hover within your auric field, in a series of specific positions the allow the energy to shift and move where ever it is meant to go. There are no side effects associated with Reiki and it allows you the opportunity to self-heal mental/emotional/spiritual trauma without re-traumatizing. You can follow this link to schedule your session.

Distance Reiki

Distance Reiki is different with every practitioner. I am passionate about human connection and providing clients the opportunity to process any energetic shifts or releases, and anything that comes up during your session. After purchasing your session(s), you will receive an email from me directly to schedule your session. I will ask you to provide a photograph of you by email, and a mailing address where I can send you a self-care package curated intuitively for you, including an epsom salt bath soak blend, a reiki-infused crystal, and other compassionately crafted Wild Rise Apothecary items handmade by me for your nourishment.

At your scheduled session time, you will receive a Zoom call from me. You will be able to share any questions or concerns you have and I will ask a series of question to tap into areas where you may be experiencing blockages and imbalances. I will tell you the exact time that I will be closing the energetic connection and calling you back on Zoom to follow-up, allowing you to process with me, I’ll give you suggestions moving forward, and answer any questions that may have come up during the treatment. During the actual session, you will be asked to lay down somewhere comfortable, where you will not be interrupted. Your only job during this time is to relax and take in the energy being sent to you. I will provide a playlist of calming music to play during your session if you so choose, and I can also give suggestions on essential oils to diffuse during this time.

In the days leading up to your appointment you will receive a self-care package in the mail. This will include energetic healing items from my handcrafted Wild Rise Apothecary, as well as instructions and reminders on how to maintain and improve your energetic health.