minimalism changed me as a blogger

In August 2015 I was still very dedicated to a lifestyle blog that I had been running for many years. I had a strict posting schedule that I followed and always made sure my content had variety between posts. That month, things started to change though. I started reading The Minimalists blog, reading their books, following their social media, and everything else that goes into developing a new obsession. I loved this idea of finding happiness within, instead of going out and buying physical things that I thought would provide me with a fulfilling life.

For 21 straight days in August I dedicated myself and my blog space to a 21 Day Minimalism Challenge outlined on The Minimalists website. I was getting rid of things, shrinking my wardrobe, changing my eating habits, and putting my health first. It was a time for major shifts.

I was learning that I already had everything I needed to be happy. I didn't NEED to buy anything to achieve it. I loved what I was discovering but what I didn't see coming was my feelings about blogging. Those started to shift as well. I started to reflect very deeply about what I was doing with my blog.

I was often known for creating new craft projects, outfit posts, product reviews, and occasional recipes. The usual staples for many lifestyle bloggers. As I worked to eliminate the clutter in my life, I found some things were holding my back. For example, I was afraid to get rid of a jar of bright orange glitter that I used for a craft project 3 Halloween's ago. Was this jar of glitter really adding value to my life? If not, then why did it scare me to get rid of it?

I realized then, that not only was my blog creating clutter and mess around me in my physical world, but also on the internet. Was it really necessary to share another flourless chocolate cake recipe? Should I really be spending hours creating felt bookmarks that look like foxes instead of reading the books that were collecting dust on my book shelf? Did I really need to go out to Forever 21 and buy cheaply made clothing so I could have a new outfit to post on my blog? No.

I found out that my blog was stopping me from really being happy. It was causing me to become a crafting and clothing pack-rat. I was constantly overwhelmed by my surroundings. All that said though, it did a damn good job of making it LOOK like I was happy. But sometimes we have to stop and ask ourselves: Is it more important that we look happy or that we truly are happy?

I still enjoy following many of the same blogs I did before. I still see great value in sharing beauty with the world. I just realized that my own path was changing and that I needed to follow.

That was the major catalyst for me to transition to this new website. Although I may not update as often, when I do, it means I have something important to say. I won't clutter this space with fluff and filler.

If you are feeling a little unsure about your own spot in life right now, here is some good advice I had heard so many times before, but once I actually followed - it changed everything.

Create 2 lists.

Step 1: Make a list of all the things you do every single day.

Step 2: Make a list of all the things that bring you joy.

Step 3: Compare and adjust lifestyle accordingly.