tiny paint set: painting on the go

This post was originally published at www.tinypainterblog.com on 7/13/15.

Earlier in the summer I talked with Will about wanting to make my love of painting more mobile. It seemed like I wanted to paint all of the time, but it took up so much space. My large canvases will stay out for weeks; paints, brushes, palettes... all strewn about the floor of my studio for who knows how long.

With my hesitant exploration of minimalism - this too could be downsized, right? I personally have a preference for working small anyhow and this seemed to be a great way to encourage that!

This set was made from an old Altoids tin which is now converted into the cutest kit around! The first step was to remove the lid and spray paint it white. This gives you a clean surface to mix your colors on, you'll know you've gotten your colors just right when you work on white. I bought some empty half-pans, they are about $.50 a piece so I ordered 10, because I had 10 pigments I knew I wanted to include in my kit. I attached the pans inside of the tin by using sticky foam squares - they are intended for scrapbooking and they work really well keeping things locked in place! :)

I have a little hand held pencil sharpener that I use, a short pencil {it was old and sharpened down}, a tiny sponge that I cut from a larger sponge - this makes clean up easier, and also a short pen. Instead of spending big bucks on a travelers pen I took the cheap way out and sawed the end off of an old office pen so it would be short enough to fit inside my kit! There is also a small piece of wax paper that I use for resist painting sometimes! I also have an alternative brush size which I will talk about in the next paragraph!

When traveling I also bring a small notebook, postcard size watercolor block, and a permanent ink pen if I have the room! The paintbrush I use is a Sakura Koi Water Brush that has a water reservoir in it so I don't need to worry about bringing a jar of water with me if I don't want! I can switch out the brush size if need be, it is a great product for this purpose!

So this is my traveling paint set, the total contents include: paint, pencil, pen, sharpener, sponge, small brush tip, and wax paper. The rest I bring in a small bag along with the tin. The pigments that I have here are Quinacridone Red, Azo Yellow, Yellow Ochre, Hooker's Green, Sepia, Quinacridone Rose, Cerulean Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Phthalocyanine Green, and Payne's Gray. I prefer to work in primaries mostly, so this palette works well for me mixing color.

What do you think? Are there certain pigments you know you would NEED in your set? Share in the comments! This set is perfect for traveling, camping, or just saving space working at home! Are you going to give it a try?