hopes and dreams for 2016

I love having a fresh start each winter. The snow starts to fall and then we find ourselves at the new year, refreshed and ready to take on new challenges!

I am very big on goal setting and personal reflection. So much of my growth as an artist and individual has stemmed from my ability to reflect deeply on life experiences. Those experiences happen because I set goals. I love love love to make lists, plans, and maps for my life. I can't say that I always stick to them, and sometimes they morph and change into something completely different - but they keep me on track and moving in a forward motion. 

This is my list of hopes and dreams for the year of 2016. Let me know if we have any in common!

  •  Live with less and embrace minimalism even more.
  • Create a vision statement for myself and my life.
  • Re-launch my Etsy shop.
  • Connect with more artists and creatives through Instagram. 
  • Maintain a healthier sleep schedule. 
  • Write a 5, 10, and 15 year life and business plan. 
  • Illustrate a children's book that my Mom wrote when I was a little girl. 
  • Stick to a structured art making schedule and habits.
  • Be better at following a budget plan.
  • Journal and sketch weekly.

Those are my goals for this beautiful new year that is off to a great start! I cannot wait to see all that it has in store!

Now when it comes to making your list of goals, don't be afraid to include both your big and small hopes. If I only made lists of my most out-there objectives, I would get pretty discouraged if I wasn't completing them as quickly as I would like. By sprinkling in some very achievable goals, it builds my confidence and belief that I really can accomplish so much more than I think! You deserve to celebrate all of your accomplishments and when your list includes your tiny and tremendous dreams, each success feels even greater. Go ahead, don't be afraid to add all of your ambitions, no matter the size! If you don't accomplish it this year, no worries, put it on your list next year! I believe in you and you can too, each and every day.