Hi there!

My name is Lena Elise and I am an artist, visual arts educator, and writer from West Michigan, living on the Lake Michigan shoreline with my sweet cat, Amelia. Friends would tell you that I am known for being a bit of a traveling nomad, tiny in stature, as well as my adoration of all things lovely and magical, and having a constant curiosity in life.

I enjoy spending my days outdoors and am constantly inspired by this beautiful world around me. As an artist I love painting with watercolors, working with pen and ink, and using mixed media. I enjoy creating custom illustrations, brush letting, and typographical inspired works. I also create works inspired by maps and landforms. I am the granddaughter of a cartographer and gardener, and it has a constant influence on my work. 

After starting my career as an elementary art teacher, I saw changes occur not only in my own work, but the art that I admired. Spending my days with happy kiddos holding paintbrushes moved me to find beauty in the whimsical, simplistic, and childlike qualities in a body of work. In my illustrative work I enjoy refining images to simple lines, expressive watercolor, and uncluttered compositions. My love of minimalism drives me to create art that is honest, uncomplicated, and natural.

I created this space not only so that I could share my work with a community but also to help others on their creative journey. Many of us have creative aspirations but lack the confidence, knowledge, or resources to dive in. I am an artist but I am also a teacher and my passion is helping others grow in their own creative journey.