29 intentions in my 29th year

Today is my 29th birthday! The final year of my 20s has begun and I could not be more in love with the existence I am creating for myself. I am a work in progress, and I am okay with that. I am passionate about so many things and everyday I am astonished at my own thirst for personal growth. I am so very thankful for every opportunity this life has granted me.

It seems fitting that I wrapped up an 8 week Mindfulness Meditation course today. I had tons of clarity in my reflections and it felt like the perfect way to begin a year (and lifetime) of intentional living.

My 29th year will be a year of authenticity and intention. I will be mindful in the way I live. I will be loving in my daily actions. Here is my list of 29 intention for my 29th year:

  1. Be intentional with my time and energy.
  2. Continue to cut down on plastic use.
  3. Become a full-time pescatarian.
  4. Maintain a regular mindfulness meditation practice.
  5. Attend yoga classes regularly with Will.
  6. Make quality time with family a priority.
  7. Buy less.
  8. Write more.
  9. Practice gratitude regularly.
  10. Be resilient.
  11. Pursue zero-waste and circular living.
  12. Only purchase ethically made and sourced clothing.
  13. Breathe.
  14. Walk.
  15. Stretch.
  16. Create a better system of organization at home.
  17. Designate a special spot in the house for meditation.
  18. Be more patient with my littles.
  19. Spend more time in the kitchen.
  20. Practice self-compassion.
  21. Spend more time with the people I love.
  22. Extract joy from every day.
  23. Explore more.
  24. Ask questions.
  25. Make things.
  26. Get to know me better.
  27. Dream far and wide.
  28. Show kindness and compassion everyday.
  29. Be courageous.

This is my list. It covers so much while still leaving such a great deal to seek and explore. I want my 29th year to be a year of curiosity, risk-taking, and growth. I want to spend my time diving deep and falling in love with who I am and the life I am leading.

What are your intentions for the year ahead? Have you thought about it? What would be the first thing you would put on your list?

love & light


It’s okay to not be perfect…

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“Close your eyes, fall in love, stay there” – Rumi

In the winter I attended a 2 day Self-Compassion workshop with Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer. After coming out of a beautiful meditation they shared this quote and I felt like my perspective was forever changed.

In our social-media-saturated world we are constantly bombarded with images that look so perfect I could cry. One of the big reasons I walked away from blogging a couple of years ago was because I felt my life wasn’t worth sharing because it wasn’t perfect. Not even close. And the few “perfect” photos I shared on my Instagram took me so long to style and to get just right that the magic of the moment really was gone. I didn’t like missing out on life because I wanted my Instagram to be flawless.

Then finally one day while deep in my Loving Kindness Meditation I realized, it’s okay to not be perfect. Comparison and striving for perfection had stolen my sense of self-worth and I let it happen without batting an eye. But the beauty is that now I am ready to reclaim my space here and enjoy sharing it in all of its imperfection.

If you are ever struggling with feelings of unworthiness because your life doesn’t seem as perfect as the blog and Instagram feeds you see everyday, you are not alone. The next time this happens…

Stop – comparison is the thief of joy, so let it go.
Breathe – you deserve compassion, breathe in courage, breathe out judgement.
Embrace – you are worthy of love and celebration, explore the reasons why.

Your imperfect world is perfect to me. My imperfect world is perfect to me. Embrace life for all it has to offer. Don’t miss out just because the lighting isn’t right… In the end it is the moments that matter most, so live them, love them, and rejoice in them.

love & light,