10 Reasons to Join a Crop Share

This past summer my husband and I decided to join a crop share through one of the local farms here in West Michigan! Our interest was sparked when a couple of our neighbors told us they were members of this particular crop share during a game night. We are so fortunate to have such like-minded friends living in our neighborhood – they’ve introduced us to so many community resources that we love!

Here are 10 wonderful reasons we’ve found for joining a local crop share…

  1. Supporting local business and agriculture. We all know how important it is for our local business owners and economy to support them!
  2. Eat local and seasonal. Eating local has so many benefits, many of them listed in this post!
  3. Connecting with local community. It is a wonderful thing to become closer with individuals in your community. Plus, if those people are also members of your crop share, you most likely have similar values.
  4. Building a positive relationship with your food and where it comes from. In todays busy world we are used to eating fast and rushing to the next thing on our “to-do” list. Eating local fresh produce allows you to not only to appreciate the way your food tastes, but where it came from, and all of the love and labor that when into harvesting it!
  5. Fresher produce. When your fruits and vegetables come from a local farm, you get them sooner because they don’t need to be shipped. Because of this the produce tastes fresher, better, and can be more nutrient rich.
  6. Less pollution caused by shipping produce thousands of miles.
  7. Produce is picked at its peak for ultimate health benefits and flavor since it doesn’t need be sent long distances.
  8. Enjoy your food again. Knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown makes eating a much more enjoyable event.
  9. Safer food. When you decide which farm to buy your produce from, you have the ability to be fully informed on the chemicals and methods used to produce your food.
  10. Encourages a plant-based diet. We still eat meat occasionally (once or twice a week) but I can’t believe how much better I feel when I am eating a plant-based diet. With our crop share, we get lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to inspire our mostly-plant meals! Note: If you simply cannot stand life without meat, choose a farm that offers a Meat Crop Share option! 

What about you? Have you tried a crop share? What about buying your fresh produce locally? What surprising benefits have you experienced by making this easy change?

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12 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Join a Crop Share

  1. Great post! You’ve definitely outlined all the reasons that we take part in a CSA program here as well! I have loved getting totally strange vegetables in my box and figuring out how to use them…. and then learning to love them 🙂

    1. I think that is my favorite part too! Sometimes you have to get creative and it can be so fun! I love when I am eating dinner and I ask Will what something is and it ends up being one of our random vegetables. We rarely buy any produce outside of the CSA now.

  2. yes yes yes! so awesome. we are visiting a farm tomorrow! not sure if they offer the same thing, but i can’t wait to get my hands on some of their products-butter in particular. yummmmm.

    1. fresh butter?! Now that sounds amazing! I am a big fan of the eggs we get but butter isn’t an option, I bet it is wonderful! I need to look around and see if any local farms near me have it!

  3. There’s a crop share near us and I keep seeing them on my Facebook feed, but keep forgetting to sign up by the week’s deadline. I’m putting it on my list for this weekend. We eat so many fruits and veggies so I know it would be so much better for us. Thanks for the encouragement to get moving on it!

  4. Love the idea of a crop share! We have been meaning to look up options near our new place. I think this post will be the reminder we needed to get on the ball! 😉

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