Flower boxes make this feel like home…

When we first moved into our house last August I was in love with the homemade flower boxes hanging under a few of the windows on the east side of the house. But sadly after the year passed they were beginning to rot out and no longer had that beautiful raw wood look. They were untreated so the elements broke them down very quickly.

Because I loved the flower so much though I knew I wanted to replace them so I bought some small cedar boxes and painted them a happy yellow to brighten up our house. I love the way they turned out! Such a simple little thing made this house feel so much more like our own!

We have a LOT left to learn about home owning but we are having fun figuring it out along the way! We planted sunflowers on earth day and a few of those are just starting to bloom and we are working on filling in our milkweed patch with wildflowers for the butterflies… Gardening and yard care are our official “stress relievers” of the summer. What a lovely way to enjoy the outdoorsand the first summer of home owning!

What about you? What are your favorite summertime stress relief activities to focus on? Do you love working in the garden as well or are there other things you enjoy this time of year? I hope everyone is getting the time they need to recharging at home and away!

love & light


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